Sunday, December 6, 2009

LD Simulations

A) In experiencing with these simulations, I became very confused and it was difficult to complete each one. In doing these, I could not image having a type of LD and having to complete them. I was very fustrated when not able to do them correctly. It was hard to pay attention and complete the assigned task.
With the attention simulations, it was very hard to pay attention and stay focused as the text kept appearing and dissapearing as I was reading. A student with LD would greatly have problems with the attention seeing how they have a sort attention span as it is. Like myself, any LD student would most likely just give up. In the reading section, I was beyond confused and annoyed as I had to switch almost every letter to achieve the correct text it was trying to display. Seeing how LD students have a hard time reading in the first place, switching up letters and having to decode them is beyond possbile. Writing section was also impossible for not only my, but one of a LD. To follow all the directions, which is pretty much writing what you want backwards, is hard and frustrating. As for mathematics, it was all complex and hard to do.
B) For teachers, doing the stimulations would probably tell you that you need to slow everything down for the LD students. You have to take everything step and step and make sure they are in a controlled area with no distractions at all. Doing problems with multi-steps is just impossible from the beginning so basically you have to take each step one at a time and do it with them. Reading and writing are the most important and can't do one without the other, so doing slow, small steps with those are the most important.


  1. I can agree with you on the fact that it was very difficult to pay attention and focus. I like what you said about being annoyed becasue I think that's a huge issue with kids and LD, they just give up because it's hard for them. I think that all of your implications were very insightful and would be a good way to help LD students. Very Nicely Done:)

  2. I agree with you 100%! While completing these activities, I had a very hard time focusing and was beyond confused! When putting yourself in their shows, it is really sad to think that they have to go through this. I thought your implications were excellent-very good ideas! As a teacher, it is imperative that you take things step-by-step with the student and be patient with them. Great job =)

  3. Do you think all students need everything slow...or is it that they need to have the skills developed before they can attack a larger task??